Weight Reduction

Our Urban Retreat (OUR Centre)

Our Mission is to help people to find themselves, become happy with who they are, discover there goals and to clarify where they are heading in life and in business. We aim to make a difference in the world by bringing people together, helping people to reach there potential, and grow together in a safe…

Thomas Pocklington Trust (Pocklington Place)

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a registered charity, providing housing, care and support for people with sight loss in the UK. Research has always played an integral role in the activities of the charity. Pocklington funds a social and public health research and development programme which helps to inform the shape of current and future services….

Public Health Information for life (phil)

We provide UK health information resources with the people of Southeast Asia, to raise awareness of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, lungs, cancer and heart diseases for early intervention and to improve public health. Through collaboration with the local schools, colleges and existing health projects in the urban poor communities.

Local Access Centre Ltd ((LAC))

We are a social enterprise established in October 2007. Local Access Centre (LAC) is committed to providing information, legal advice, guidance and referral services to local communities and to facilitate obtaining and/or enhancement of skills. To empower local communities to access services, support to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence.

St Martin’s Youth & Community Centre

The aim of the centre is to help and educate girls and boys through their leisure time activities so to develop their physical, mental and spirital capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of Society so that their conditions of life be improved

Budo Arts Development Academy

We deliver quality martial arts and fitness training via qualified and experienced instructors in our purposed built centrally located facility. Our pricing structure allows the unemployed, students and those with certain benefits to be able to enjoy participating in the variety of activities at a reduced/ discounted rate.