Community Development

Hindu Forum (Walsall Hindu Forum)

We are an umbrella organisation for a number of Indian community organisations in Walsall. Our aim is to be "the voice" of the Hindu community of Walsall and to help strenghten the capacity of the community to be more cohesive and effective.

SUSTAiN (Colebridge Trust)

To support the development and sustainability of Third Sector services in Solihull

Syconium CIC (SYC)

The Digbeth Trust

Living Rhythms


Nacr is the leading crime reduction charity which aims to make society safer. Nacro aims to create a safer, more inclusive society that deploys its resources and skills to reduce the social causes of crime, and that deals with offenders and ex-offenders in ways that are most likely to stop re-offending, repair relationships and promote…

Shenley Youth & Community Trust

A community centre providing activities and groups for the youth & community to access.

Co-operative (Midlands) Society Ltd (Midlands Co-op)

The relevant aim for this directory is our aim of promoting Co-operation. Co-operatives are based on the values of Self Help and Self Responsibility; Democracy and Equality; Equity and Solidarity. We also promote Honesty, openess, social responsibility and caring for others. We provide educational activities for our members and members of co-operative and Social Enterprises….