BioPsychoSocial (BPS)

BioPsychoSocial is a voluntary organisation with a charitable constitution. It's purpose is to provide activities in the south Birmingham area in order to improve the health and well being of participants.

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  1. Given the large number of accidental injuries in the UK, RoSPA’s mission “to save lives and reduce injuries” it is very ambitious in comparison to our charity resources.

    RoSPA LifeForce is a new initiative where volunteers will visit peoples’ homes and check whether there are any health and safety risk.

    RoSPA will be recruiting volunteers to the new LifeForce team and will train them to gain a Home Safety City & Guilds qualification. The LifeForce volunteers will be working in ward areas within Birmingham; focusing on age groups 0-5 and their families, and the 65s plus, as these age groups have the highest proportion of home accidents. The aim of LifeForce Volunteers is to work with and build relationships with the local communities and professionals, working with local hospitals, health visitors, charities and other relevant organisations, to reduce the number of patients attending A&E within our target population.

    With permission, the LifeForce volunteers will visit the client’s home and complete a home safety risk check to identify any potential hazards and risks. The volunteers will advise the residents of any changes needed to their home environment, to reduce further risks; referrals will be made to external organisations regarding any safety repairs as necessary. Referrals to our service can be made via an enquiry line, or email, either from professionals or direct from the resident.

    As RoSPA is the leading charity for health and safety, we believe we can forge strong relationships with organisations and professionals to reduce accidents in the home, including offering training sessions which can be delivered to health visitors and Sure Start members.

    At present we will be looking at covering the Birmingham area then developing the service expanding to the rest of the West Midlands and UK.

    It would be great if we could meet and discuss how we can work in partnership to reduce accidents within the home.
    Many thanks

  2. hello ,I have lived in Birmingham the last 10 years,i have started on medication lofexidine non opiate based to finally beat my addiction, im 43 years old and at the moment imvery lost and alone and was wondering if you could help in anyway to help me spend my days positive and productively?

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